@hds thanks for share! This was a great post. I’ve been slowly converging to the same conclusions with modular or domain based errors, so it was great to see it concisely and thoughtfully written!

@jhpratt not 100% what you want but I use git-absorb a lot for similar workflows (especially if I want to clean up a pull request comments commit, or formatting change to be fixed up to its constituent commits)


@seanmonstar @hyper_rs awesome! Can’t wait to try it out! Been waiting for that!

@seanmonstar @hyper_rs exciting! Does the client change mean we’ll be able to use non send HttpBody implementations on the client?

Why is it so rewarding to look at graphs? I can’t stop checking the metrics from my new indoor air sensor setup and seeing how activities such as opening windows, cooking, etc affect the values

Setting up a raspberry pi nano with a BME688 sensor to be able to monitor the temperature and humidity in real time! I just want proof of how annoyingly hot the flat gets :P

@fasterthanlime you won’t regret it! ever I set it up as default on all my devices I literally cannot go back to my non-kagi days. I don’t care much for their AI stuff but the quality of results is so much better. Plus the custom rankings you can add to domains is a time saver.

@simonbs FWIW implicit returns work quite well for Rust. I was definitely skeptical of the syntax at first but now it’s as readable (if not more). Worth the shot for sure :)

@jonatan sounds well you had good priorities :) thanks for the info!

@jonatan what were the biggest reasons for why you picked the Pico 4?

@jonatan @icecubesapp@mastodon.cloud

I just downloaded it thanks to you and you’re right, it’s super good! So far the best client I’ve used. I love the smooth scrolling, the lazy image loading, and the color scheme makes me feel like I’m in tron :)

Got to visit Greenwich this weekend. What beautiful views of Canary Wharf

@jonatan what other system were you able to get updates for?

@dgriffinjones @simonbs what’s odd is they don’t even have location permission. So I wonder if this is incorrect?

@yosh this is indeed exciting! Looking forward to removing Box::pin and pin! macros

@simonbs that’s an awesome record player! Which one is it?

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