@simonbs FWIW implicit returns work quite well for Rust. I was definitely skeptical of the syntax at first but now it’s as readable (if not more). Worth the shot for sure :)

@jonatan sounds well you had good priorities :) thanks for the info!

@jonatan what were the biggest reasons for why you picked the Pico 4?

@jonatan @icecubesapp@mastodon.cloud

I just downloaded it thanks to you and you’re right, it’s super good! So far the best client I’ve used. I love the smooth scrolling, the lazy image loading, and the color scheme makes me feel like I’m in tron :)

Got to visit Greenwich this weekend. What beautiful views of Canary Wharf

@jonatan what other system were you able to get updates for?

@dgriffinjones @simonbs what’s odd is they don’t even have location permission. So I wonder if this is incorrect?

@yosh this is indeed exciting! Looking forward to removing Box::pin and pin! macros

@simonbs that’s an awesome record player! Which one is it?

@timClicks i use an M1 Max and an M2 air and I just don’t think I could go to a lap burning machine again. They’re just so fast and so quiet! Coupled with neovim + rust analyzer I get 20+ hours on my 16”

@simonbs you should do it! what tool do you use for cross posting?

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